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Back Painted Glass

Read about back painted glass and why it’s the number one idea to make your house look modern and stylish. It’s not only about the look but convenience. GSL Company implements your ideas into reality and creates dream interior designs.

What you need to know about back-painted glass

Back painted glass is a modern method of decor in the home. It allows you to use glass in different areas of the home and add some color too. It gives your house a fantastic sleek look and can make a big difference to the value of your home. Painted glass is as simple as you think, it is a pane of glass that from one side has been painted. It is then put into a large oven where the paint will be baked onto the glass. This creates an excellent adhesion which prevents any paint from peeling off the glass.

Why Use Back Painted Glass In Your Home

The reason is that it looks fantastic and creates a great modern, slick design. Many people decide to use painted glass in their kitchen or bathroom. This is because it is a fantastic look and it creates a fantastic backsplash as it is so simple to clean and look after. It will make your kitchen look so much better than the typical tiles backsplash. As the glass is non-porous it will help break down any germs or bacteria from food.

The Benefits Of Using Back Painted Glass

Apart from the obvious great look that it gives any home or office magnetic back painted glass has so many other advantages. You will not get any stains on the glass, it is easy to clean with simple glass cleaner every time. With back painted glass your home or office will become larger. The glass allows the light to bounce off it, giving the effect of expanding the space. So the best idea would be to use back painted glass in a small bathroom or office, although there are a few other things that you may also wish to consider when buying small bathroom lights. Painted glass, along with things like clever lighting choices, can help make your room a lot bigger also adding a lot more light to the room.

Using these painted glass panels gives you so many possibilities in your home. You can use them in any room you choose and they will make a huge difference. If you use a reputable painted glass company you will get the best service possible. There are many companies throughout the UK that provide good ideas and designs for your home.

Why Choose GSL Company

There are obvious reasons why choosing a company that knows exactly what they are doing is a good choice. But the main reason is we can give warranties against any defects, we also make sure the back-painted glass panels are durable and will not get affected by moisture or heat. We are able to use the correct paints and chemicals that prevent any chips or cracks from appearing in the glass in years to come.

GSL Company offers so many different varieties of glass and colors, we can match your needs. If you would like white back-painted glass which will match the color of your carpet we can do that for you. There is also the possibility of having a design graphic put into the glass, to add a real brilliant look. So these are the reasons why choosing a professional company is the best thing to do. You would not want to risk ruining your beautiful house by going for a low-cost solution.


Back painted glass is the future of all kitchen and bathroom designs. It is a fantastic way to make your home or office look a million dollars. While you might be contemplating ways to elevate your bathroom’s ambience, considering additions like rainfall showers, custom tiles, or high-end sinks through professional bathroom installation service providers or remodelling firms, the inclusion of back painted glass can add that extra touch of luxury, truly enhancing the overall opulence of your bathroom design.

You can choose from a variety of designs, colors, and sizes. All of the glass is durable, heat, and moisture strong. These back painted glass panels will last for a long time and keep their great modern, sleek appearance. They are super easy to clean and they will also provide a more hygienic kitchen work surface.

Why use tiles or granite in the bathroom anymore when you can use back painted glass. Tiles are out of date, with painted glass you will get a beautiful appearance that will be colorful and give you more light in your room. There are many people that like to use back painted glass as message boards too. The glass allows you to write and clear ink from the board, just like a chalkboard. So, the options are endless and the great designs will make you fall in love with back painted glass.