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The 10 Best American Breakfast Foods

A country as vast as America is bound to have a diverse amount of breakfast food, and, thankfully, it’s true. Though many individuals worldwide may picture a large stack of pancakes or sizzling bacon as the only American breakfast meal, there are plenty more options to dig into around the country. 

Here are the ten can’t-miss American breakfast foods:

1. Biscuits and Gravy

Perhaps no other breakfast dish represents the American South than biscuits and gravy. Many across the region enjoy warm and fluffy biscuits smothered in gravy as the ultimate start to the day.

2. Pancakes

Flapjacks are a simple breakfast classic. As a result, most Americans have a box or bag of pancake mix in their pantry. While the pancake go-to topping for most is a large glob of maple syrup and some butter, many households and restaurants offer various other choices, including fruits, chocolate, whipped cream, or even peanut butter!

3. Breakfast Burritos

In the Southwest, it’s nearly impossible not to come across breakfast burritos at some point. These hefty breakfast meals include numerous ingredients, such as meat, eggs, cheese, veggies, and hot sauce, all wrapped up in a tortilla.

4. Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Sandwiches

A fast-food favorite, the bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich is widespread across the entire country. The three main ingredients are often stuffed between slices of toast, English muffins, or New York-style, between a bagel.

5. Everything Bagels

Speaking of the Northeast, there is simply no better place to find an everything bagel. Many ingredients are found on this kind of bagel, including poppy seeds, garlic, onion flakes, and salt and pepper.

6. Donuts

It’s not uncommon to find a typical American munching on a donut in many movies. There is a donut for everyone out there, from the classic glazed donut to donuts filled with creamy fruits and topped with sprinkles.

7. Hash Browns

Hash browns are a staple side dish for many American breakfast meals, though they can also be eaten alone. They can come as shredded potatoes, though some recipes include diced onions for extra flavor.

8. Cereal

Though cereal can be found in many nations worldwide, it was in North America that it found its footing. Now, a stroll in any American grocery store typically yields an enormous amount of choices in breakfast cereal, from grainy to sugary alike. Many Americans eat a slice of buttery toast or a piece of fruit on the side with their cereal.

9. Breakfast Sausage

Often served in rural parts of America, breakfast sausages are well-loved for their deliciously greasy taste. Breakfast sausages usually come in two different forms: as patties or links. Many households restaurants in the South will offer maple syrup as a topping.

10. Avocado Toast

Americans have Millennials to thank for the recent rise in avocado toast. Since the 2010s, more and more individuals have been eating toast covered in avocado and olive oil, with a dash of salt and pepper to boot. This unique type of toast is often seen as a healthier alternative to the more typical choices, such as butter with either jam or peanut butter.

Breakfast food across The United States is varied in style, taste, and presentation, but all can agree: any American breakfast food will always be delicious.