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How to make a gift basket for a baby shower

Gear up for cosiness with cute girls’ pyjamas

A baby shower is a happy occasion meant to welcome a new life, and if you know it’s going to be a girl, the occasion becomes all the more joyous for some. A baby girl is so cute and when she is dressed in trendy and funky girls pyjamas, everybody agrees that she looks even cuter. If you’ve got a baby shower to attend, you’ll want to know how to make a gift basket for a baby shower that stands out because it’s been got together with care.

The coolest gift basket

If you’re going to include girls pyjamas in the gift basket, they can be a lot of fun to buy because the choice is so exceptional. You can choose any colour and style you like. Each pair of pyjamas comes with chunky zips, hoodies, pom poms, funky buttons and odd pockets to make the sleepwear for girls special and unique. You can know for sure that your friend won’t get pyjamas like the ones you’ve bought.

If you’ve decided on the theme of ‘sleep’ for your gift basket, apart from the sweet pyjamas for a baby girl, you may want to include sleep-themed items in your basket. These can be items such as baby carriers or travel cribs (visit to see some options), a soft blanket, some Winnie-the-pooh bedding, cuddly toys, storybooks, tiny socks or slippers, and tiny dressing gowns.

Check the baby shower invitation you got. Maybe it can give you a hint of what you might want to include. Your mom-to-be friend might have chosen owls, flowers, animals or teddy bears as a theme and you can buy items that blend into the theme to personalize the gift basket.

Baskets or trendy plastic containers

You can buy these gift baskets at different stores and adorn them as you like. Some of the baskets are quirky and come in bright colors. Nobody says that the basket has to be an actual basket. If you can’t find a basket you like, you can buy an attractive plastic container in a stylish color. If you’ve chosen girls’ pajamas to include in the container, you can fill the container snugly with any gift items that will be useful. These can include natural baby soap, baby shampoo, baby lotion, and possibly a nice cuddly toy.

Sweet dreams with this gift basket

Baby shower baskets are always great to put items in that you believe can be of use to the mom-to-be. The actual pyjamas can be as playful as you want with Disney characters, stripes, checks, and florals or they can be in soft candyfloss shades. You can have such fun creating the basket yourself, knowing that it will be about sweet dreams and bedtime fun with its cute, comfy items.