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Pairing a maxi dress with the perfect shoes

Even with the best dress, no outfit is complete without the perfect pair of shoes. Your whole outfit, from top-to-toe, creates the whole persona for you!

If you have found the ideal maxi dress, pairing it with the best pair of shoes is your next challenge! While maxi dresses are flexible, it can make decision making that bit more difficult because of the variety of choices on offer! This article gives you some steer to combine your maxi dress with the ideal shoes.

Finding the perfect combination

There is an abundance of choice on the market for maxi dresses to fit all tastes – and wardrobes! You can pick the perfect length and fit to suit you, and accessorise it accordingly.

You may be surprised to know that the shoes to go with your dress are just as flexible as the dress itself. You can pick from a range of styles depending on the occasion to create the perfect look tailored perfectly to you!

Many people do not consider athletic shoes as an option to wear with a maxi dress. But with the cool styles now available in Nike stores in Australia, you will be surprised just how cool you can look. With Nike trainers and a stylish maxi dress, you can be the talk of the party in no time at all!

Matching your shoes with your dress

Dresses with a variety of hemlines work well with different styles of shoe. Those with longer hemlines generally need higher heels to ensure it stays off the floor. For dresses with a shorter hemline, you can pull off a great look with sports shoes.

This can give you a more rounded look than wearing heels with a skirt, as well as being more practical if you are on your feet all evening or walking a little.

Surprisingly, Nike stores in Australia offer a great way of finishing your maxi dress outfit! Maxi dresses are a versatile choice for an evening out or special occasion. Finishing your outfit with a well-chosen pair of Nike trainers can give you a great balance between practicality, style and informality.

Choosing your shoes for your dress

As fashion becomes more informal or casual, wearing sneakers with a maxi dress is a great way of creating a new, unique style. When you head out to Nike stores in AU, look for some of the stylish options available to match your dresses.

The best thing about wearing athletic shoes with your maxi dress is that you can be much more comfortable than wearing heels. If you are attending a social event that involves a lot of standing, this can be a blessing! But you will still look stylish and fashionable in your sneakers, so you do not lose anything on either front!

Creating your unique look

A maxi dress with sneakers is almost certain to create a special look of its own. You can even add additional touches depending on the season or time of day. In the cooler months you can add a cool jacket over the top to survive the colder temperatures.

For evening events, you could even start the evening in a glamorous pair of heels, before spending the rest of the time in your sneakers. This can be wise, especially if you plan to hit the dance floor later in the evening!

Choose your shoes wisely

Once you have decided on your look, visit athletic shoe stores to check out the best options to suit your dress. Alternatively, you can pick a white or neutral colored pair of sports shoes to guarantee they go with any outfit you could think of.

The main thing to think about with athletic shoes and maxi dresses is the flexibility they give you. You can mix colors, styles and looks for all occasions or times of the year.

Think about how athletic shoes will support your feet and ankles during events and social occasions. Compared to high heeled shoes, you can guarantee your feet will be more comfortable in a well-fitted pair of running shoes. You are also much less likely to suffer from blisters or pressure points.

Have fun creating your new casual style – you may even start a new trend of your own!