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A Deeper Insight into Enhancing the Web Traffic for Your Business

The ranking is the search engines process used to determine where a particular content should be present on a Search Engine Result Pages. Everyone desires to reach the top position in SERP. For instance, in a recent survey, about 95% of web traffic was received by the websites present on the search engine’s first page, and the consecutive pages received only 5% of the traffic.

To improve a website’s ranking, one must change their website’s quality and quantity into a better place by the means called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

A lot of the people are checking their website’s ranking in random SERP checker tools. Some websites are good at providing some educational information on SERP. You can read more at WhatsMySERP.

Here are a few appropriate ways to advance your website ranking.


Provide a Well-Developed Content

There is a saying – “Content is the king.” – which is so true and agreed by many. Content is the prime source for qualified leads. Content writing will be your first and last hope to get into top ranking. So, first, you would be focusing on content.

One must be good at content writing and write unique, specific, and plagiarism free content to get into the top list. You should update your content regularly. Modify your content with good relevancy and schedule yourself to update the content periodically.


Keyword Phrase

You need to search and focus on the keyword phrase for each page on your website. If you are a budding website owner, you need to concentrate your SEO copywriting on long-tail keywords. When the keyword is shorter, the search range will be longer. It will not be easy to get into the top 10 list of websites for that keyword.

When the keyword is longer, the search range will be narrow. Place the keyword phrase in the introduction itself to avoid a very short viewer’s visiting time. It is advisable to include the keyword at the beginning of the SEO Title.


Page Loading Speed

According to Google’s research, 53% of mobile users might leave a website that takes more time (longer than three seconds) to load a page. Based on research by MachMetrics, many of the sites have a load time of around 8-11 seconds. Search engines like Google might impose a penalty on websites that load slowly.

Try to reduce the file size, improve speed time and response time, and cut down the server calls. It will get the viewers’ attention, and the search engines will instate the site in the top ranks.


Optimize Meta Description

A meta description is a description that will be visible in the Search Engine Result Pages with title and website URL. A viewer would be reading the meta description and decides whether it is relevant to him/her or not. 

The meta description must be short and crisp (around 120 – 155 characters). Try to include the keyword phrase in the meta description. Always use active voices in the sentences and show them more actionable. Make the meta description matches with the content of the page.


Inbound and Outbound links

It is important to include an internal and external link to a post to get a higher ranking in Search Engine Result Pages. Internal links are from your website, whereas the external link is from other websites. Always use descriptive links while linking with a keyword that will improve the SEO and will be a benefit for the viewers.

A reputed link that links to your site’s page seeks viewers’ attention and results in an improvement in your ranking. Adding internal links will increase the viewers both on the current page and the linked page.


Include Alt Tags

Alt tags or alternative text descriptions are to describe a photo included in a post to the viewers. The alt tags should also be brief. Including alt tags will make it easy to search engines to locate your website and recommend it to the viewers.

It is advisable to check the file format and image size. A large image might affect your loading time. So, all the images on the site should be optimized accordingly.


Provide a Great User Experience

Your site must look great, exquisite, and pleasing to the viewer. It is not about traffic alone. The viewers should spend more time on your site that will eventually improve your SEO ranking. 

So, make sure that whether you have provided the right information, photos, and video links.


Add Header and Sub-Header Tags

A thousand words content without any break might test the viewers’ patience. It will make your website suffer and reduce your SEO ranking.

You need to break the content into pieces by adding headers and sub-headers. As a result, it will make your content readable, easy to access, and admirable.  

To Sum Up

There is no shortcut to reach the top ranking in the SERP. You should be patient. It will take some time to attain the top position in the search engines. Therefore, all you have to do is have a great plan, well-developed content, strategy, and adherence to your website.