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2021 Halloween Costume Ideas for Adults and Kids

It’s getting to the best time of year! The leaves are turning, the pumpkin patches are bustling, and that only means one thing: it’s time to start the preparations for Halloween.

Whether you’re keeping things low-key this year or heading out trick or treating with the kids, here are some very 2021 costume ideas for you to try.

1.    Kim K at the Met Gala

There’s something about Kim Kardashian’s outfit from this year’s Met Gala that screams spooky. The chic outfit is pretty easy to re-create, and all you need is the staple black clothing you already have in the wardrobe and a few reels of black fabric.

2.    Cruella

The return to the big screen was hit off with the incredible Cruella – making this the perfect costume for both adults and kids. Bleach half a black wig or find a creative way to put two wigs together to create the iconic hairstyle. Then, grab some white face paint, a little red lipstick, and you’re halfway there.

3.    Bridgerton

If you’re not one for scary fancy dress, how about Bridgerton? It’s the perfect opportunity to buy a beautifully elegant suit or dress and try out some fancy hairstyles. Bridgerton will be the Joe Exotic costume of the year: it got the masses through the horror of the past year, so it’ll be a welcomed reminder of how far we’ve come.

4.    Olivia Rodrigo

This girl took the music charts by storm this year, making everyone want to shout at their ex. Donning the Good 4 U cheerleader outfit is perfect for both kids and adults. Complete with high pigtails, long black gloves, and you’re good to go.

5.      Suicide Squad

A great thing about this costume idea is that you can get the whole family involved as different characters. Use special effects makeup to create your favorite villain/good guys for a ‘squad ghouls’ style that suits everyone.

6.    Lebron James – Space Jam

Of course, another pop-culture classic came back to the screens this year with the second hit of Space Jam. A cool basketballer costume will do just the trick (or treat) for this year’s festivities. Get practicing your hoops now, and you might just master the skill in time for it to be your party trick.

7.    Kanye’s album release

In true Kanye style, this year’s long-awaited album release was paired with a questionable outfit from the rapper. But it makes a perfect last-minute Halloween costume. Grab all your red clothing and put skin tights over your head. Job done.

8.    Borat

The sequel to Borat came out last year and took the world by storm. If wearing a mankini wasn’t enough for you the first time around, there’s nothing stopping you from getting more wear out of it this year!

So much has happened this year, and there’s been so much to watch. You’re bound to find the perfect Halloween costume for you, your partner, or even the whole family.