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5 winter resorts to visit this winter

When we hear of a winter resort, we immediately think of snow, skiing, and the Alps. Beautiful places that offer you something magical and special that you do not see in the city. So, we found you 10 excellent winter resorts where the natural landscape, personality, and architecture make them stand out. After all, what is winter without the beauty of a snow-capped mountain?

1. Zermatt, Switzerland

Your trip to Zermatt is an experience that you will hardly find anywhere else in the world, as evidenced by its dozens of awards as the best ski resort in the world. In the shadow of the Matterhorn, this village is a fairytale place that is not accidentally called “Diamond of the Alps”. A destination that will impress everyone and with a system of slopes that reaches 365 kilometres, this destination guarantees one of the best skiing experiences in the world.

2. Kitzbühel, Austria

The “Mecca” of skiing with beautiful coloured houses and beautiful cobbled alleys could not be missing from this list. It is also the ultimate Christmas destination. The medieval village of Austria will be the ideal backdrop for the holiday season. The preserved village enchants its visitors with its unique picturesqueness, the beautiful natural landscape surrounding it, and the events organized at Christmas and New Year. The medieval atmosphere, the cosmopolitan character and the impressive ski resort, ideal for both professional and amateur skiers, put Kitzbuhel on the list of ideal destinations for winter getaways!

3. Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy

A place truly enchanting, hosting hundreds of tourists. The “flagship” of Italian winter tourism is located at the top of the Dolomites, the impressive and famous mountain of the eastern Alps. Built at an altitude of 1,224 meters, Cortina is “hidden” in the centre of the valley d’Ampezzo in the imposing “embrace” of the Dolomites, 150km from Venice. It is located just 2 hours away from Venice and is the “diamond” of the Dolomite Alps. It is also called the “queen of the Dolomites” and attracts tourists from every corner of the planet, as it is famous – in addition to its uniquely beautiful landscape – for the plethora of activities that its visitors can enjoy there.

4. Lech, Austria

It is located on the banks of the river Lech and has become a hot spot for winter holidays in recent years. And imagine the inhabitants of this village once lived exclusively from agriculture and animal husbandry. It is a resort that is characterized by its luxury while at the same time providing its guests with a unique skiing experience. The snow layers that fall in the area are quite high every year, so you will never worry about the snow! With facilities that are specially designed to welcome every family and serve their needs, with all these wonderful additional services. It used to be a small and humble village, but today it has become a refuge for all the rich and famous international jet sets.

5. Avoriaz, France

The village of Avoriaz in the French Alps is known for its slopes aimed at experienced skiers and families. With a modern elevator system installed in its entirety, it can transport you to all its incredible and professional slopes throughout the day. If you visit the place, do not forget to get the appropriate ski passes, which will allow you to move easily throughout the resort and try all the different slopes. Look for the right Avoriaz ski passes, trusting the services of Erna Low at the best market prices. This place is also suitable for all those freestyle lovers, who will find in this place everything they need. It is one of the most modern resorts in the greater Portes du Soleil area, which is ideally combined with the city’s most classic and vintage style. Also in this area only move on foot, because the use of cars is not allowed. The facilities of the hotels and chalets are fantastic and promise you the most enchanting travel experiences any time you choose.