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How much can you save with Solar Panels on your home?

Many homeowners in Ireland ask if solar panels are worthwhile. We certainly have more than our fair share of cloudy days. However, we have sunshine on approximately 260 days of the year. And, with a solar system, you can convert the sun’s energy into useful electricity at any time of day. There are numerous advantages to having a solar system of your own. Your savings is certainly one of them.

When installing a basic solar system, you should keep in mind that it takes about 7 years to get the return on your initial investment. However, it might be considerably lower if you qualify for one of the SEAI’s solar energy incentives.

Home Solar Panels

Ireland’s solar panels work in all weather conditions. On rainy or cloudy days, however, they only provide roughly one-quarter of the energy they usually supply in bright sunlight. An average solar panel installation covers three to five square meters of roof space. At this size, it is appropriate for homes that have 4-5 people living in them. 

But what is the cost savings? The average solar panel setup generates approximately 70% of the home’s daily consumption. So, the more you consume, the more your savings. It will depend on what you spend on a monthly average. Even with our Irish weather, your solar panel system should provide up to 3,000 units of electricity each year. With every kilowatt of electricity you generate with your solar system, you are saving yourself from having to purchase it from the energy company. 

When looking for a cost-effective way to produce your own energy, solar panels are a great choice for those in Irland. Solar energy can help you save money by lowering your energy expenses throughout the year. Your solar panels will generate power you can use rather than purchasing it from the energy company.  

What is the Best Side for Solar Panels?

The precise amount of solar energy generated by a single installation is determined by a number of factors. If your solar panels face south, they will inevitably be more productive. This means they absorb the most sunlight. High quantities of sunlight are also beneficial in south-westerly or south-easterly settings. Panels facing straight west or east typically produce up to 20% less electricity than a system facing south. This will affect your cost savings as well.  

If you aren’t sure if solar panels are right for you or if your roof doesn’t face the south, you should speak with a qualified installer to find out your options. 

What Do Solar Panels Cost?

The cost of solar panels for an ordinary home in Ireland has decreased. It’s about one-fifth of what it was a little more than ten years ago. The cost of solar panel installation is mostly determined by the number of panels placed. The cost is also affected by the sort of residence you possess. Installing a solar power system with six or seven panels on the roof of a new-build house or home expansion, for example, might cost between €3,500 and €4,000.

However, the cost of solar panels may be twice as high in an older home. This is because the home will need to be retrofitted for the panels to work properly. On a new home, the roof and supporting structures can be put into the home at the beginning. Whereas an older home may need to have, the roof torn off. The supporting structures need to be built and wiring run.

If you are interested in learning more about the cost savings of solar panels, you should reach out to a qualified installer.

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